Princess Gwen and the Crown of Dur


In the war-torn medieval kingdom of Dur, an ambush separates young Princess Gwenhevare from everyone she knows and trusts. Alone and in fear for her life, she poses as a scullery maid as she desperately hopes for rescue, But when she learns her parents’ lives are in peril as well, Gwen faces a terrible question: What can she do to save them all?

Their lives, and the fate of the kingdom, all depend on the answer.

Princess Gwen and the Crown of Dur is now available for purchase on Amazon. Set in the 13th Century, in a Europe that never was, this action adventure for 4th through 8th graders tells the story of a young princess forced to hide her identity from those who wish to do her harm. Yet, as all seems lost, it is up to her to save not only her kingdom, but her parents’ lives as well. But how can a scullery maid save a kingdom? And does she dare to try?