Unmasked Again

The CDC Accidentally Admits Cloth Masks Don’t Work blared the headline. Except the CDC hadn’t. According to the cringe-worthy article (which I won’t link to), the CDC had warned that cloth masks are ineffective against smoke. The author of the article didn’t understand how masks work, and took that as an admission that they were useless in stopping viruses. Except the purpose of that type of mask has never been to prevent the inhalation of viruses; it’s to prevent you from spreading droplets from your nose and mouth containing the virus. These masks help stop the droplets. The purpose is to help prevent you from spreading the disease, particularly if you don’t know you’re ill. The idea is that if enough people wear them, it can slow the spread of the disease.

Is this really that hard to understand? I wouldn’t think that it is, yet the author of that article was completely clueless on how masks work and why those who can are asked to wear them in public. But “progressives” can’t seem to grasp that solar and wind power needs energy storage and back-up to replace conventional generation, so maybe something this simple is hard for some to grasp. Let’s go over this one more time:

The purpose of these masks is to help prevent you from spreading droplets that may contain the virus.

The implication of this should be obvious, but let’s state it anyway. Since a mask helps prevent the wearer from spreading the virus if he’s infected, then any person you meet who properly wears a mask is less likely to pass the virus along to you. Your wearing a mask helps protect them; their wearing a mask helps protect you.

Now, none of that is hard. You can have COVID-19 and not show symptoms or have a mild case, and that means you can spread it without knowing it. That’s why there’s a push for those who can wear masks to do so. This is simple stuff. It’s all been out in the open as the pandemic has progressed; it’s easy to find and verify.

All of which makes it beyond cringe-worthy when the author wrote “Remember that ‘science’ that they always like to throw in the face of conservatives?” right before going off on the size of the virus and smoke particles, blithely unaware that the whole point of masks is to stop the droplets all of us spread from our nose and mouth even when we don’t sneeze and cough. It’s how masks worked when surgeons started to use them in the 19th Century, and it’s still how it works now. The author could research the size of virus and smoke particles but not how masks work? This sort of stuff really does remind me of the anti-vaxxers.

Look: If you want to make wearing masks political, at least bother to find out how they’re supposed to work. For all the “progressives” invoking “science” like the name of a deity, their own grasp of it has been tenuous at best. They screeched about travel restrictions at the start of the pandemic, and screeched about conservative gatherings while encouraging “progressive” ones. If you want to throw “science” back at them, pick their own blunders. Ask them whether the study that found 66% of cases in New York were among those sheltering in place has caused them to re-evaluate lock-downs. Look into the hows and whys of things like masks. Otherwise, you end up like the author of that article, and hand them more material for propaganda. If your only concern in all this is the politics, at least don’t play into their hands.

Now, if you should happen to put health issues above politics, remember that just because “progressives” have embraced masks doesn’t mean it’s wise to automatically be against it. Even a blind hog can find an acorn now and then.