So It Begins

Welcome to Cheek’s Bay, a place for observations, ruminations, and cantankerous notions. I’m watching the clock before I head for work, so this will be a short one.

Welcome to My World

Burned test probes.This is part of my world. Those were multimeter test probes until the 277/480v meter base shorted out. Yes, I was holding them at the time. Yes, thanks to my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), I still have all my fingers. Unlike other utilities, we use lineman’s gloves rated for 30,000 volts for all work, and that, plus the thick leather glove covers, eye protection, and fire retardant shirt kept me from injury. My hard hat probably kept my hair from getting burned, too.

The meter and meter base didn’t fare so well, though. You’re supposed to let the arc clear, but at that moment my redneck nature rose up in me and I knocked the meter out of the socket with a downward blow of my fist. It did clear the arc, but it’s definitely not recommended procedure.

I keep them hanging in my office as a reminder to myself and others of what can go wrong out there. That was just 277/480 volts. We work with stuff on up to 25,000 volts. As a point of reference, electric chairs use about 2,000.

Writing is another part of my world, and right now I feel like I’m on my first solo trip in the field, except I was trained for that and writing feels like “Try this and see what happens” while working in shorts and a tee-shirt. The only consolation is that if something goes wrong here, I don’t have to worry about arcs, or stuff burning up in my face.

Now to try and think up something interesting. Later.